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Maximizing Academic Success: A TurtlEd Case Study on High Dosage Tutoring with IEM

IEM School Profile

Innovative Education Management (IEM) school logo

Innovative Education Management (IEM) is a public charter school network in California that provides independent study and homeschooling models to students from TK-12th grade. The IEM network includes: South Sutter Charter School, Ocean Grove Charter School, and Sky Mountain Charter School.

Last fall, approximately 200 tier 2 and tier 3 students needed extra support in math and reading. IEM's primary objectives included: 

  • Seeking tutoring support during school hours 

  • Assessing the effectiveness of tutoring through improvements in test scores

Program Details Using High Dosage Tutoring

TurtlEd aimed to meet the school’s objectives by providing high impact Math and Reading/English Language Arts (ELA) tutoring services to 150 elementary, middle, and high school students over a 10 week program.

  • Students were assigned to small groups of 2-4, according to learning trajectory.

  • Tutoring sessions were conducted online via Zoom during school hours.

  • Groups met 2x or 3x a week.

  • Students worked with the same certified tutor throughout the program.

  • The TurtlEd team worked closely with school admins, teachers and IEM families to share feedback and encourage attendance.

What Is High Dosage Tutoring?

High dosage tutoring, also known as high impact tutoring, is a targeted intervention strategy that involves providing students with consistent, high-quality tutoring sessions over an extended period of time.

This approach is designed to provide students with the personalized attention and support they need to master challenging academic material, improve their skills, and achieve academic success. High dosage tutoring programs focus on key subjects such as math and reading, targeting students who may be struggling or at risk of falling behind.

Tutoring Benefits

After the mid-year iReady assessments, 81% of the math students in our tutoring program improved their i-Ready scale score & 43% of students improved 1+ grade levels after only 5 weeks. Based on the data IEM received, the students in TurtlEd’s high dosage tutoring program outperformed groups who used other tutoring vendors.

Download our free case study to learn more about our high impact tutoring service and the strategies used to help students achieve academic success.


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