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Online Tutoring Jobs for Teachers: Why Educators are Choosing TurtlEd

Are you a passionate educator who loves to teach, but is tired of the administrative and political hassles that come with the job? Do you want to continue teaching without the stress and burnout that often accompanies full-time teaching positions? If so, you should consider becoming an educator with TurtlEd.

At TurtlEd, we understand the challenges and complexities of teaching. According to a survey conducted by the California Teachers Association and UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, a significant number of teachers cited burnout from stress as the primary reason for leaving the profession (Edsource, 2022). We want to offer a solution for these passionate educators who still want to continue teaching.

One of the biggest benefits of being an educator with TurtlEd is that you get to work with the same group of students for a long period of time. This allows you to observe their growth and progress and provide continuous support. According to a research study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, teachers who work with the same group of students for more extended periods have a positive impact on student achievement (NCES, 2011).

Another advantage of working at TurtlEd is that you can choose how many classes you want to teach on a weekly basis. Online tutoring jobs for teachers can be demanding, especially when you have to invest time in preparing curriculum for your classes. have a dedicated curriculum development team that will prepare all the materials you need for your classes, so you don't have to worry about lesson planning or curriculum development. This flexibility allows you to create a schedule that works for you and fits into your lifestyle.

As a TurtlEd educator, you also become part of our teacher community. You can continue to stay connected with other educators without worrying about politics or administrative tasks. This community offers support, camaraderie, and a safe space for educators to connect and share ideas. A recent study that is conducted by the Department of Human Sciences, LUMSA University (2019), indicates that educators who perceived more social support from colleagues (rather than friends and family) had lower levels of burnout and greater emotional intelligence.

Lastly, as a TurtlEd educator, you have growth opportunities beyond teaching if you want them. You can expand your role within the company and take on new challenges and responsibilities. This can help you grow professionally and provide new opportunities for learning and development.

If you have a teaching certificate and would like to continue teaching flexible hours with belongings, apply for a teaching position at TurtlEd today! We welcome passionate educators who want to make a difference in the lives of their students without the stress and burnout that often come with full-time teaching positions.


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