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Solving Your 
Teacher Shortage.
with Turtled


How We Help

We partner with schools to offer live online classes for after-school, intervention programs, and core instructions.

Custom Curriculums

We offer personalized curriculums and small group tutoring programs based on student test scores or school needs during fall/spring semesters or summer camps.

Licensed Teachers

All of our teachers are licensed! Many also have certifications in special education, ELA, and other programs. Students will learn from the same licensed teacher during the program.

School Integration

Schools will receive individual feedback and additional worksheets for their students to ensure that no child is left behind. Each student's program is integrated into their school work.


"We have been very pleased with the math tutoring services provided by TurtlEd. Our students have made significant progress under the guidance of their licensed educators, who have a wealth of classroom experience and have tailored their curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. The one-on-one attention and personalized instruction have made a huge difference in our students' understanding and confidence in math. We highly recommend TurtlEd to any school looking to boost their students' math skills."

- Adrian from The Gateway International School


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